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                                                Thank you for visiting my website!






                                                   Animator with strong generalist skills


My name is Zuzanna Kucharska.


I have over a decade of extensive experience in the visual effects industry and gaming as a versatile 3D Animator and a generalist.  Throughout my twelve-year journey, my primary passion has centered around breathing life into characters and creatures within compelling narratives. Proficient in steering animated projects from their initial conceptualization to the final editing phase, my expertise spans various realms, including film pre-visualization, intricate final animations, and immersive VR/AR endeavors employing Unreal and proprietary rendering engines.

My enthusiasm thrives in collaborative and inclusive settings, where teamwork is highly esteemed. I am adept at navigating tight deadlines while adhering meticulously to project specifications.

A R E A S  O F  E X P E R T I S E 

Character Animation          3D Animation       Previs Postvis       Cinematic Animation    

3D Modelling            3D Texturing                   Visual Storyboarding             Lighting

Shot Creation         Project Management            AR VR            Character Design   


Directing          Writing            Character Art         Environment Art   




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