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Animation Director for Game pitch ''Other Worlds''

Previz / pitch created for game idea within 3 weeks. Animation was combined with shots of real-life footage. 

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Lori's Choice

Written, directed, and edited by Zuzanna Kucharska


With an already complicated life, the therapist discovers that she has serious health problems. Then, following a mental breakdown, she finds herself in a situation to bond with her troubled patient.

Genre: Comedy short

Currently in Festival circuit.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Vegas Shorts - 2023.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Hollywood Best Indie Film Awards - 2024.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Director Talents Movie Awards - 2023.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - A Royal Chance Film Festival - 2024 (1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - The Great Film Club - 2024.png

Lands of Azadi- Cinematic

As the director of a cinematic for the role-playing fantasy game "Lands of Azadi," my job encompasses various creative and technical responsibilities. My primary role is to oversee and guide the production of an immersive cinematic experience that enhances the game's narrative and captures the essence of the fantastical world of Azadi.

I am also taking a big part in creating concepts and executing characters as well as environments for the gameplay and trailer. 

Genre: Game Cinematic

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